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Ingersoll Rand Impulse Tools

IR Ingersoll Rand Industrial Impulse Tools

Ingersoll Rand offers a full line of transducerized and standard shutoff and non-shutoff pulse tools in pistol, angle, and in-line configurations to meet your needs. These extremely lightweight reactionless tools offer excellent power, speed, accuracy, and ergonomics.

Non Shut-off Pulse Tools

Pistol-Grip  |  Inline  |  Angle 
Non-shutoff tools are recommended for the majority of applications where speed and ergonomics are important. They are the easiest to set up, maintain, and they provide good accuracy.


Shut-Off Pulse Tools

Shutoff tools are recommended as substitutes for non-shutoff tools when increased error-proofing is desired. They can be beneficial for less experienced operators, since they automatically shut off at a preset torque level.


Transducerized Pulse Tools

Transducerized systems are recommended when a process requires data output, accuracy, process control, and feedback to the operator.


Air Tool Qualifier

Qualifiers are recommended when additional error proofing, operator feedback, and process control are desired. They work with most brands of pulse tools and many impact tools.

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