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CP Chicago Pneumatic Desoutter Plug and Tighten Brushless Fastening Tools

CP Chicago Pneumatic Desoutter Plug and Tighten CVIP Electic Tools

Complete Precision Error Proof Setup in Less Than 60 Seconds!

Why Choose Plug and Tighten?

CVIP Plug & Tighten electric range of power tools. The CVIP range of tools are the world's first hand held range of assembly tools to feature advanced electronic communication and control technology, standard 230 / 110 V electrical supply, and ergonomic design. Available in a wide choice of models to suit the customers need exactly, the CVIP range of tools is capable of 3-65 Nm of torque. The CVIP Plug & Tighten employs the newly developed and world's-first electronic integrated torque transducer control technology, which ensures unbeatable assembly Quality by continuously monitoring torque values to maintain a constant and accurate fastening up to 3% at 6 sigma. This intelligent control technology permits selection of the appropriate function learning method. Also, the CVIP features tamper proof torque programming and can communicate with a pocket PC (PDA). In addition, CP has integrated the CVIP Plug & Tighten into a compact, low weight, low noise design featuring perfect weight distribution. The plug & Tighten CVIP range of tools is launched to the Indian market after extensive successful field trials with global key customers on the most critical and difficult fastening applications. The Plug & Tighten also boasts faster assembly cycles, significantly longer tool life, a maintenance free brushless motor and environmental energy performance among the best in the world, achieving energy consumption levels approximately 20 times less than conventional pneumatic tools.


Plug & Tighten User Manual PDF