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ZETZ-24 Thermocutter for cutting plastics, rubber, foam, and more

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Product Code: ZETZ-24
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by Forsthoff
Thermocutter with Standard Handle

These hot knife Thermocutters feature an electrically (110 or 220VAC) heated blade designed for cutting all thermoplastics easily and effortlessly. Heats up instantly. Transformer steps voltage down to a safe level. Cuts through material up to 5 inches thick.

This hot knife Thermocutter is designed for continuous, industrial operation— including on-off batch production, use at a central work station or on-site.

The Zetz-24 can be set for on/off operation or continuous use with the flip of a switch.

The cutting handle is connected to the base unit by a 9½ foot long 3-line electrical cable. Two lines are for AC power. The on/off switch in the handle electronically actuates the controller in the base unit on the third line using very little power. This 3-line cable design decreases temperature buildup in the handle.

Blades are changed quickly and easily. Temperature of the blade is adjusted by the variable controller on the base unit. This ensures that the blade is evenly heated to the temperature suitable for the application.

For automatic operations requiring the cutting blade to be built in, there is a special robotic handle available at the same price.


ABS (Acrylo-Nitrile Butadiene Styrene)


Sheet Stocks
Plastic Pipe
Flooring and Tiles
Cable Conduit
Die-Cast Parts
Molding Sprues
Foamed Plastics
Corrugated Sheet

500 WATTS - 115 VOLTS
Designed for continuous heavy duty industrial use
Infinitely adjustable controller/transformer
Handle is only 1.2 pounds
Up to 2.6 Volts on blade makes for safe operation
Cables- power to controller- 6 feet controller to handle- 9½ feet
Blade temperatures 220°F to 1400°F depending on blade used
Comes with one T-08/75 mm blade (suitable for foam and soft thermoplastics)
Optional ZETZ-25 handle for robotic use available
Control Unit Dimensions - 7½" x 8½" x 117/8"
Weight - 30 lbs


Choose the blade to suit the purpose. These blades are designed so that heat is concentrated along the cutting edge in order to achieve the optimum cutting temperature. Prior to insertion in the material to be cut, the temperature of the blades will be between 100°C and 800°C, depending on the type of blade and the thermocutter used. The temperature to the blade cools down as it enters the material. The temperature depends on the thermal properties and heat conductivity of the material being cut and determines the cutting speed. The cutting edge is evenly heated because of the design of the blade's cutting flanges.

Blades with model numbers in green are only for use with the Zetz-24 and 25 Thermocutters.




Model T 3
These are the most commonly used blades.
Blades Thickness Cutting Edge Length
T 3/15 0.6 mm 15 mm
T 3/30 0.6 mm 30 mm
T 3/50 0.6 mm 50 mm
T 3/90 0.6 mm 90 mm
T 3/125 0.6 mm 125 mm

Model T 2
Sharpened on two sides to prevent distortion, allows cutting in two directions. Ideal for cutting foam. T2/50 for trimming laminated solar panels.
Blades Thickness Cutting Edge Length
T 2/50 0.6 mm 50 mm
T 2/100 0.6 mm 100 mm
T 2/150 0.6 mm 150 mm
T 2/200 0.6 mm 200 mm

Model T 11
With angled cutting edge and a parrot's beak to serve as a guide hook.
Blades Thickness Cutting Edge Length
T 11/15 0.6 mm 15 mm
T 11/30 0.6 mm 30 mm
Model T-4
Snub nosed design allows for concentrated heat at the tip.
Blades Thickness Cutting Edge Length
T-4 0.6 mm 30 mm

Model T 015
Blades listed below are spade shaped to be held verically. Suitable for mounting installations.
Blades Thickness Cutting Edge Length
T 015/.6 0.6 mm 35 mm
T 015/.8 0.8 mm 35 mm
T 015/1.0 1.0 mm 35 mm

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Examples of uses for blade numbers—T-2, T-3, T-11, T-01, T-02,T-04, T-05, T-06, T-10, T-08, T-015, T-011, T-012, T-013, V-1 

Cutting and de-burring of:

  • Natural and synthetic rubber
  • Rubber sheets 30-80 Shore
  • Rubber with textile
  • PVC boards, foils and sheets
  • Cutting off and heat sealing fabric piles, industrial tubings, profile gaskets.
  • Car trim and upholstery, cutouts in instrument panels.
  • Roof and wall insulation boards up to 125 mm thickness of foam PE, PS, PU. No gap, no cold bridge.
  • Cutting out silicone gaskets for construction joints.
  • Floor and wall claddings, including bituminous materials.
  • Stress-free cutting of profile gaskets of PVC and Neoprene rubber for window and door frames.
  • Clean cuts for subsequent welding or gluing.
  • Electrical installations like conduit and trunking channels. Insulating cables and leads.
Model T 01
With glide hooks that hook into the material and glides along cutting base. 
T 02 and T02S0 for trimming laminated solar panels. 
T 02S0 is offset at 90° angle.
Blades Thickness Cutting Edge Length
T 01 0.6 mm 6 mm
T 02 0.8 mm 12 mm
T 02S0 1.0 mm 12 mm

Model T 04
With short, obtuse angled cutting edges, both sides are ground.
Blades Thickness Cutting Edge Length
T 04 0.6 mm 15 mm

Model T 05
With wide blade back and reinforced cutting flange. Stable cutting. The high temperature blade is designed for heat sealing the cutting edges. 
For trimming laminated solar panels.
Blades Thickness Cutting Edge Length
T 05 0.6 mm 35 mm

Model T 011
Standard blades, double edged, with concave cutting edges leading to a point— For cutting material at an oblique angle and at a high temperature. Can achieve a small radius on rounded cuts. Cuts staight into material without preparatory drilling. 

De-burring blade for anti-static trimming of excess plastic from sprues without waste or tension cracks.
Blades Thickness Cutting Edge Length
T 011/.6 0.6 mm 10 mm
T 011/.8 0.8 mm 10 mm

Model T 12
With long pointed blade flanges, ground both sides. For two-directional cuts. For cutting around templates. Also suitable for de-burring.
T012/1.0 for trimming laminated solar panels.
Blades Thickness Cutting Edge Length
T 012/.6 0.6 mm 35 mm
T 012/1.0 1.0 mm 35 mm

Model V-1
Used for sheet plastics, asphalt roofing paper, roll stock and any high-heat application— Not designed fo continuous use.
Blades Thickness Cutting Edge Length
V-1* 2.0 mm 15 mm
*For use with the Zetz-24 only.

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Model T 06
With a rounded edge to glide along cutting surface Heat sealing the edges to prevent fraying of synthetic fibers and textiles.
Blades Thickness Cutting Edge Length
T 06 0.6 mm 2 mm

Model T 150
Cutting Sling consists of adjustable arms plus Blade No. T 151 which can be reshaped once. 
Applications: For rounded, angular, concave and other shaped cuts. Shaping interior spaces, cutting hollows into foam materials such as PE, PS, PU, etc..
Cutting Sling Thickness Blade Length
T 150
Blade (T 151)
.05 mm 15 cm

Model Tn 106
Grooving (for use with Cutting Sling) for quick cutting of grooves and flutes in foam materials made of PE, PS, PU.
Blades Thickness Cutting Edge Length
Tn 106 16-22 mm 16 mm

Model T 013 & ATL
Blades have curved cutting edge and thick blade. High temperature blade suitable for long cuts under pressure. ATL Blades are the same as T013 Blades with the exception of being offset at a 45° angle.
Blades Thickness Cutting Edge Length
T 013/45 0.8 mm 45 mm
T 013/70* 1.0 mm 70 mm
T 013/115* 1.0 mm 115 mm
ATL/45 0.8 mm 45 mm
ATL/70 1.0mm 70 mm
*For use with the Zetz-24 only.

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Blade T 08
Gives a clean cut which allows seamless joining of material in subsequent sealing or gluing operations. With evenly heated cutting edge and thick blade From 50 mm cutting length upwards. Suitable for thermoplastics with low melting points such as foam polyethylene, polystyrene, polyurethane. Roof and wall insulation boards up to 120 mm thickness. No gap, no cold bridge. Cutting profile gaskets of PVC and Neoprene rubber for windows and door frames without crushing the material.
Blades Thickness Cutting Edge Length
T 08/50 0.8 mm 50 mm
T 08/75* 0.8 mm 75 mm
T 08/100* 0.8 mm 100 mm
T 08/120* 0.8 mm 120 mm
*For use with the ZETZ-24 ONLY


Model# Description Price
T 3/15 Thermocutter Blades T 3/15 (Pkg of 6) $55.80
T 3/30 Thermocutter Blades T 3/30 (Pkg of 6) $55.80
T 3/50 Thermocutter Blade T 3/50 (Pkg of 6) $55.80
T 3/90 Thermocutter Blade T 3/90 (pkg of 2) $19.80
T 3/125 Thermocutter Blade T 3/125 (Pkg of 2) $19.80
T 2/50 x6 Thermocutter Blade T 2/50 (Pkg of 6) $61.10
T 2/100 Thermocutter Blade T 2/100 (Pkg of 2) $22.80
T 2/150 Thermocutter Blade T 2/150 (Pkg of 2) $22.80
T 2/200 Thermocutter Blade T 2/200 (Pkg of 2) $25.80
T 11/15 x6 Thermocutter Blades T 11/15 (Pkg of 6) $63.50
T 11/30 x6 Thermocutter Blades T 11/30 (Pkg of 6) $63.50
T-4 Thermocutter Blade T-4 (Pkg of 2) $30.40
T 015/.6 Thermocutter Blades T 015/.6 $14.70
T 015/.8 Thermocutter Blades T 015/.8 $15.40
T 015/1.0 Thermocutter Blades T 015/1.0 $16.50
T 01 Thermocutter Blade T 01 $14.70
T 02 Thermocutter Blade T 02 $14.70
T 02S0 Thermocutter Blade T 02S0 $18.70
T 04 Thermocutter Blade T 04 $14.70
T 05 Thermocutter Blade T 05 $14.70
T 011/.6 Thermocutter Blade T 011/.6 $14.70
T 011/.8 Thermocutter Blade T 011/.8 $15.40
T 012/.6 Thermocutter Blade T 012/.6 $16.00
T 012/1.0 Thermocutter Blade T 012/1.0 $17.20
V-1 Thermocutter Blade V-1 $22.30
T 06 Thermocutter Blades T 06 $12.90
T 150 Thermocutter Blade T 150 $55.90
T 151 Thermocutter Blade T 151 (Pkg of 10) $39.00
Tn 106 Thermocutter Blade Tn 106 (Pkg of 10) $15.00
T 013/45 Thermocutter Blade T 013/45 $28.90
T 013/70 Thermocutter Blade T 013/70 $28.90
T 013/115 Thermocutter Blade T 013/115 $35.40
ATL/45 Thermocutter Blade ATL/45 $31.70
ATL/70 Thermocutter Blade ATL/70 $31.70
T 08/50 Thermocutter Blade T 08/50 $20.30
T 08/75 Thermocutter Blade T 08/75 $21.40
T 08/100 Thermocutter Blade T 08/100 $23.30
T 08/120 Thermocutter Blade T 08/120 $23.90
TSPKG BLADES 1EA T02, T012/1.0, T05, T015/1.0, T2/50 $69.95

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